Why Cambodia?

A friend recently asked me, “Why Cambodia when there are so many other horrible things happening in the world?”

I thought this was a good question and it has been bouncing around in my head ever since he asked. Sure I could go to Darfur and chronicle the atrocities. I could fly to Tibet and film how communism has crushed that countries cultural heritage. I could sneak into Iran and take footage of the oppression that the people live under. There are any number of options and those are only the first few that come to mind.

I know that things are bad in numerous regions of the world and personally, I don’t really have any solid answers for what I can do to bring change. But in Cambodia, I believe that we truly have a chance to make a significant and lasting impact. That is because we will be coming alongside of, and supporting, an organization that is already producing results. They already have the structure. Their main hindrance at this point is awareness of what they are doing and funding. Thats where something as simple as a video documentary can make a world of a difference. If we play our cards right this project has the potential to bring in millions and millions of dollars in support to help fund a program that is already working.

I already have a rough working model in my head as to how this all will work out. Some ideas I may share with you in subsequent posts while others I may keep secret until they are ready to be fully introduced. I don’t want to let all the cats out of the bag just yet. Besides, its a working model and will inevitably be different three weeks from now anyway.

Anyway, back to the original question. “Why Cambodia?” Well I guess the answer is simply that “I gotta start somewhere, so why not start somewhere that I already have connections with people who are already making a difference?”


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