Today we had the privelage to capture some footage from family members of girls from the center who have used micro loans from Agape to help them get on their two feet. One woman today showed us different kinds of vendor snacks that she would sell to the public to help generate money for her family as well as help pay back the loan offered to her monthly from Agape. Another sold books ranging from child sex slavery to the history of Cambodia. Many of her customers she said were Westerners and the money that she earned, she used to help feed her family and also pay back Agape. It was amazing to see how even the small amount of help that Agape offered her helped in such a profound way. Quite simple, but very effective. After our interviews with the vendors, we headed back to the restoration center to interview Don and Bridget together which also happened to be our last interview. The stuff they shared was gripping and at moments rather intense due to the graphic nature of what we’ve been covering. Again, Seth and I are both very humbled to be out here and the opportunity to partner with everyone out here has been such a joy. Finally, for the last part of our day, we visited for the last time Rahab’s House, located in Svay Pak, where many of the neighborhood children come and visit. Thanks to everyone for their support and prayers and we will see you soon!



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