Interviews and Silk Ties

Greetings from Cambodia again!

We just finished our first interview with Don at the restoration center and it all went really well. He was gracious enough for us to recount some of the horror stories from the girls testimonies. It’s been amazing to see the joy on these girls faces after hearing the atrocities they’ve been through. But God is good and He is continually restoring them to wholeness through this ministry. It’s also been a joy for us as well to witness their transformation.

Moses, Don, Bridget, and Clay attended meeting today with some government officials as part of an ongoing relationship to work with the country in providing humanitarian needs for Cambodia. They seemed very happy with the work of AIM and spoke very highly of Don, Bridget, Clay and Moses. We were allowed to video tape the meeting which may or may not make it into the documentary, but good content nonetheless. For our morning before the meeting, Samantha, Moses’ wife, took Seth, Bridget and I to the market to buy nice clothes for the meeting. Were talking $1.25 for a nice silk tie! Not a bad deal!

Tomorrow we interview Moses and we feel this is a key interview, as he is very much a part of the documentary, but more importantly, the vision of AIM. Please continue to pray for us as we follow His leading,



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  1. Kassia says:

    Praise God!

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