After a day of letting the dust settle on my thoughts (and emotions), I believe that I was to harsh on the group that I had met. I do not know the entirety of what they are doing out here and I was quick to judge their actions. That is not my place. I was wrong to do so.

I do however want to make it clear that I still feel very strongly about everything I wrote in the last post (I just should have left the group of people out is all). I believe it is critical for us back in the states to partner up with organizations and churches out here that are already making a difference and to figure out how to support them as best as possible. I do not think it wise to have hundreds of tiny organizations (or simply groups of people) who are all competing against one another to complete the same task. I believe that is counter productive. Individual accolades are not important. These girls lives are.

Please pray for the rest of our trip. We have less than a week left and want to make sure that we come home with all the footage necessary to complete this project. God has it all planned out. We just need to follow Him.




5 Responses to Apologies

  1. stephanie vt says:

    love your updates! and pics! and detailed accounts of your bowel movements!

    sounds like you’re learning and experiencing a lot. i love how your passion is being tempered with wisdom and your compassion becoming universal. i’m praying for you and cambodia.

    — steph

  2. Auntie Sally says:

    Hi Seth,
    I understood your response. It’s the “culture shock” that everyone experiences after spending time in a third world country. Obviously, your situation is more specific than most, but your response is the same. I was very angry when I came back from Africa!
    I made a similar statement not too long ago. The response I was given included – Yes, you can save a bunch of money that maybe could be used in better ways by not sending people to see for themselves. This is true. But, when that one person returns home they take with them a passion that your film cannot create, one that will cause them to “own” those girls and their plight, resulting in their need being shared again and again. This ultimately will bring Light into the darkness, as we become aware of the sin that has been allowed to grow in Cambodia.
    Just my thoughts. Love you!

  3. Kassia says:

    less than a week! wow! it’s going to turn out amazingly, i know it.

  4. hope4cambodia says:

    That’s a great point Auntie Sally. I dont want to come off sounding like I know everything because I know that I don’t. Love you!

    Thanks Steph!

    Thanks Kassia!

  5. Kassia says:

    Seth, your aunts have the cutest names!

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