It was a good day. Fealt really long though. We interviewed a number of people from IJM and that went really well. We’ve got more interviews in the morning.

We have a potential opportunity to be a part of (and film) something very significant next week but we are not sure if it will work out yet. I can not say any more than that at this time. Please pray that the doors would open that should be open and that the doors would close that should be closed (my personal preference is to be a part of this event though).

Thanks so much (again) for all your support. Blessings!



2 Responses to Update

  1. Kassia says:

    Read Psalm 89:11-18 if you get a chance!
    Savior, He can move the mountains
    My God is mighty to save
    He is mighty to save!
    Forever, Author of salvation
    He rose and conquered the grave
    Jesus conquered the grave!

  2. hope4cambodia says:

    thanks kassia!!!

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