Micah and I got our grand tour of ARC (the restoration center) today and it truly is amazing! It is beautiful. The one thing that caught my attention most of all was how young these girls are. They really ARE just children (there is a 5 year old at the center). I guess I knew this fact in my mind but I guess the reality had not really hit me until today.

We also interviewed two more girls which went well. It was a full day. Thanks again for all your prayers!!



3 Responses to ARC

  1. Kassia says:

    Praise God that He is a Father to the fatherless!

  2. Kassia says:

    Hey, my best friend Alexx is pretty sure that Don and Bridgette (did I get the names right?) used to go to her church at home (Adventure). She said she thought he was an assistant Pastor or something of that sort.

  3. hope4cambodia says:

    That’s them! It’s a small world!

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