Greetings everyone! Sorry for the gap in postings. We have been very busy lately. Its now past 11pm and we just finished our last interview of the day. Whew. We got to interview Bridget (Nana as the Cambodian people affectionately call her) as well as a number of the counselors. It was a great day and we got even better footage. The interview that we just finished was Clay’s and that one was equally as good.

We had some down time yesterday so we went shopping at one of the markets and I am forever ruined when it comes to buying clothes in the states. I am getting a shirt tailored and guess how much it is costing me. Go on! Guess! Ok, Ill tell you. $6 dollars! That’s right, a custom tailored shirt is only 6 bucks! I would never buy mass produced clothing again! Its awesome. After that we went to Mass at an English speaking Catholic church and had a great time. It reminded me how much I miss taking my Grandmother to Mass. We capped off the night with a bite to eat at an Italian restaurant.

Today we filmed the Church service at Rahabs house (the old brothel) in Svay Pak. The three girls that we have been able to interview so far were there. It took a second for the significance of the picture to hit me. There I was, witnessing three girls worshiping and praising the Lord in the very same building where they had been brutalized and raped so often before. What a transformation inside and out! I love that!!!!

Anyways, it is now way way way past my bed time. If everything goes as planned, we will be filming in the Restoration Center tomorrow. Thanks so much for all your prayers and support!




4 Responses to Update

  1. Kassia says:

    Wow!! God is good!

  2. Lyn (Rachels Mom) says:

    Just a little pray for God’s Mighty Servants…

    Dear Father God,
    We know you have declared that you have not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and glory. We know that you are at our side in every circumstance that we face, no matter how the enemy comes against us. The devil knows that if one of God’s servant stands with courage and moves forward in boldness, his strategies will be thwarted and his kingdom will fall. When we encounter danger and difficulties, we know that we have complete confidence in Your ability to give us the victory to overcome any obstacle that the enemy would put in our path. We are a bold and fearless child of the living God, through you, Lord, you do what is good and right in this earth. I pray to my mighty God that your servants are protected by the triple hedge of protection and that many legions of angels are surrounding you and the those you are freeing in His name. That Jesus will guide you and open the doors of opportunity and place the right people in your pathway that can help you accomplish His will and way with your mission. I also loose every single one of the those girls and children who are enslaved in these horrid conditions to be freed by His mighty and awesome name, Jesus. And that this terrible spirit of slavery is casted out and ended. That no other children are taken by these evil doers. Lord, break the chain of generational iniquities, bonds, soul ties, curses. spells and hexes in your mighty Name. And that incredible and multiple miracles are performed to change Svay Pak into the hottest Glory spot for our Lord, Jesus Christ. I bind all those pedophiles and evil doers involved in the sex slavery in Cambodia to be wiped out and non existent in Svay Pak. I also ask you, Father God, that you heal all those that need your loving, caring and compassionate spirit. Turn their tragedies into awesome testimonies of your love and open their eyes and heart to your will and way so that they may know Your truth and that it may spread through out the country of Cambodia. We thank you Lord, for administering to your children and praise you for the many miracles and healings that you will perform during their stay in Cambodia. Lord, Jesus I just ask for outpouring of your glory and mercy on all those involved. In your mighty and awesome name, Jesus……..Amen

  3. Rachel F says:

    Wow, as amazing as that is, people tend to attach memories – both good and bad – to physical places and even inanimate objects. How are the girls coping with still being in the same building that holds so many negative connotations and horrific memories for them?

  4. hope4cambodia says:

    One of the girls (Mien) recounted the first time that she went back to the brothel. At first she was scared but then she said that she realized that it was different. It was not the same place anymore. She now goes back regularly to help teach the children who live in Svay Pak and show them love. It has become part of the healing process for her. She now knows that she can give love to and bless others (many of whom are still being trafficked). This has given her her self worth back and helped her see that she is valuable (something that had been stripped away from her in that very brothel). It an amazing transformation.

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