Svay Pak

Today we went to Svay Pak. This is the place where the worst of the worst happens to these young girls. It struck me as odd that such great evil can happen in such a small place. It was probably no bigger than the size of a football field.

Our camera shot their started off with a bang. Clay spotted a pedophile having a cup of coffee the moment we entered the burrough and as soon as we were out of the tuk tuk we were off to film the confrontation. Clay is in his element. He sits down and goes strait for the jugular. “Why would a westerner be having a cup of coffee in a place like this? I think you are here to have sex with children and you need to leave right now!!!” The conversation lasted for only a minute but the point was made. about fifteen minutes later Clay escorted the nervous man out of town on his bike.

There was a lot of other great footage that we were able to get as well but you will have to wait for the finished product to find out.

Again, thank you for your prayers!! The scope of this project can be a bit overwhelming if we focus too much on everything that needs to be done.

Here’s a couple photos from our adventures from the past day and a half I would upload more but the internet is slow:


One Response to Svay Pak

  1. Kassia says:

    Wow. I didn’t understand really what the video would be about. Go Clay!

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