Chubby Rain

Well, the 2nd day has been..wonderful. many of the girls from center recieved graduation certificates from Agape Restoration Center (ARC). To see their smiling faces as they walked up was so touching. Don, Clay, and Bridget were of course in attendence and they felt such pride for these girls who have gone through so much. Simply said, it was a beautiful time. Now, Clayton, Seth and I are enjoying lunch at the Cafe Yejj. We had thunder storm dump on us within a matter of minutes and this Cafe is our escape.


3 Responses to Chubby Rain

  1. Kassia says:

    What is chubby rain? I’m so curious.

  2. hope4cambodia says:

    It’s a from the movie Bowfinger in where they title their movie, ‘Chubby Rain’ Obscure I know, but the intense rain made me think of it.


  3. Kassia says:

    Oh, that’s so interesting! Thanks, I’ll have to look that up now. 🙂

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