We’re in Taipei!

Waiting for our connecting flight. I must admit, that was the second most comfortable international flight that I have ever been on. I sat next to a very nice couple from the bay area and had a nice chat. They are going to be vacationing in Thailand which sounds wonderful. I pretty much slept for most of the trip and spent the rest of the time reading a new book that I brought. I have forgotten how enjoyable it is to read a good book. I need to make more time for that. Maybe I can finish it on the next flight?



4 Responses to We’re in Taipei!

  1. Dad (Shore) says:

    Glad you made it! 🙂 Praying for you and Micah. I’m excited and proud about your project and what you are doing. Thanks for the update. Love, Dad

  2. Dad (Shore) says:

    Seth, I am excited and proud of you and your project. I’ll be praying for you and Micah. Dad

  3. Dad (Shore) says:

    Why don’t these show up on the blog, Seth? Dad

  4. hope4cambodia says:

    They have to be approved by us. Ill try and read through them every night and update. Love you too Dad!

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